Polka Dot Agate Rough from Oregon - $7.50/lb

Polka Dot Agate has nice transluscent background with contrasting golden, brown and black polka dots. Polka Dot Agate is what is referred to as a jasp-agate and is often called, not incorrectly, Polka Dot Jasper. Polka Dot Agate has never been available in large quantities. We selected this material 15 years ago. Polka Dot Agate takes a great polish. As with all of the other species in the quartz family, polishes best with cerium oxide, but also takes a fine polish with tin oxide and diamond. Mohs hardness 7.

Ruler is in Inches.

Cab76 - Polka Dot Jasper Cabochon
Example of a Polka Dot Agate Cabochon

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