Malachite Rough from the Congo - $36.00/lb

Malachite rough from the Congo, Africa.  Malachite is a well-known material, and one of the most popular copper secondary for lapidaries and jewelers alike.
When cutting malachite, use water as a coolant on your wheels to remove airborne dust.  Take care to wash hands before eating and from breathing in cutting dust, as it contains arsenic.  Reasonable precautions will keep you safe and happy.
Malachite polishes well with tin oxide, Zam (green rouge) and diamond.  Mohs hardness is 3.5 to 4.
Photo is a representation of our Malachite Rough inventory (photographed dry).  Your piece will look similar to the ones in the photo, and measurements are given in each product description.
malachite cabs
Example of a Malachite Cabochon

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