Ruby in Fuchsite Rough from India - $24.00/lb

Ruby in Fuchsite is a wonderful and somewhat rare material. Our Ruby in Fuchsite is the best quality. It contains ample amounts of ruby spread throughout the fuchsite base. Ruby in Fuchsite is a popular stone because it has great color contrast.

The two components of Ruby in Fuchsite are different hardnesses, but if it is handled gently and slowly, it will cut a stunning stone. The green fuchsite, also known as chromium muscovite or chrome mica, can contain mica sparkles. Of course, the red crystals are ruby and often display chatoyoance. Blue kyanite is commonly found in the mix.

Ruby in Fuchsite is best polished with diamond. If the fuchsite doesn’t provide a good enough polish, a very quick buff with green rouge (Zam) will bring up a better polish. Mohs hardness is approximately 9 for the ruby and 2.5 for the fuchsite.

Cab1630 - Ruby in Fuchsite Cabochon
Example of a Ruby in Fuchsite Cabochon.

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