Shungite Rough from Russia - $40.00/kg (~$18.18/lb)

Shungite is a very unusual material in that its molecular structure is different than any other mineral on earth. It is formed out of carbon nanotubes and bucky ballls. Shungite only comes from the Zazhoginskaya mine in Karelia, Russia.

The only shungite we could get in reasonably large sizes has already been tumbled. So, although this material isn’t in it’s fully rough form, if you want to cut shungite, this is your best bet.

Several metaphysical properties are associated with shungite such as absorption of electro-magnetic radiation, grounding, harmonizing, etc. Because shungite has a high carbon content, it cuts dirty and takes a moderate polish that will dull with wear.

Shungite cuts easily and polishes moderately well with tin oxide. Mohs hardness approximately 2.5 to 3.

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