Baja Stabilized Turquoise Rough from Mexico - $0.80/gram (~$362.64/lb)

Our Stabilized Baja turquoise is from Baja California, Mexico. It has a greenish to greenish-blue color with fine brown matrix. Some pieces are remeniscent of the famous (and much sought after) turquoise from Nevada’s Old #8 Mine. With the exception of the smaller piece on the right side of this picture, the the rough in the photograph is surface polished to show what this rough will look like when polished. As can be seen from the unpolished piece, this rough looks really ugly until it’s cut and polished and then it’s transformed into something really beautiful. So here’s another example of a book that can’t be judged by its color.

Turquoise is a copper-based mineral (hydrated copper aluminum phosphate). Turquoise polishes well with diamond, tin oxide or green rouge.

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