Natural Nacozari Turquoise AAA Quality - $1150/lb (~2.54/gram)

This rough from the Nacozari Mine has not been treated in any way. Turquoise has not been produced at the Nacozari Mine for a decade. Years ago, when the mine was producing, we gleaned the very best natural rough from tons of material. We further high-graded that fine Nacozari material and held back the best to sell at a later date. That day has arrived and we are now offering this very rare, superior quality rough for sale!
The best Nacozari turquoise has a fine blue color and is now very hard to find, even in stabilized material. We even have natural spiderweb material and material with small pyrite crystals listed below!

Turquoise is a copper-based mineral (hydrated copper aluminum phosphate). Turquoise polishes well with diamond, tin oxide or green rouge.

Natural Turquoise
Example of Natural Nacozari Turquoise Rough from Nacozari, Sonora, Mexico

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