Danburite Faceting Rough

Danburite comes from Mexico and is fairly rare and well-known to gem collectors. Danburite is extremely clear and therefore cuts very bright, lively stones that can display a good amount of dispersion. This batch of Danburite has a very slight pinkish undertone, but it isn’t dark enough to impart a pink color to finished stones. As is typical for Danburite crystals, the base of the crystal has inclusions and the tips are super clean.
Material is priced according to quality of yield and size of finished stones.

Danburite cuts like topaz, but is brighter and has no cleaveage issues! It is a calcium boro-silicate and has a relatively high refractive index (1.63). Danburite is 7 to 7.25 Moh’s hardness. It takes a fine polish with aluminum oxide and diamond.

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