Shungite Items

We offer one of the largest selections of Shungite items in the United States!  Including sculpted shapes, health care & cosmetic products, and Silver grade rough (Elite) for purifying water.  We receive these products direct from Russia, through a family-run business called Skyline Minerals.  You can find Skyline at both the Denver show in September, and the Tucson (JOGS) show in January.  In the meantime, folks come to us for their quality Shungite items.

Shungite may consist of up to 98% carbon.  Reportedly used as a folk medical treatment since the early 18th century, Shungite has shown to contain trace amounts of fullerenes.  It also has electrical conductivity properties and shows to block EMFs.  To learn more about Shungite, read our extensive blog.

We sell 3 grades of Shungite:

  • BLACK is approximately 30-35% carbon.  It usually has visible inclusions of other minerals such as Pyrite and Quartzite.  PLEASE NOTE:  We recommend to NEVER use black Shungite for water purification!
  • PETROVSKY is approximately 70-80% carbon.  It is very rare.  We currently have a limited supply of this grade, available in tumbled stones and 6mm bracelets. 
  • SILVER, also called NOBLE or ELITE.   Silver contains up to 98%  carbon.   It is safe to use for water purification.

To learn more about the different grades of Shungite, see the bottom of this page in our blog.