Bloody Basin Agate Slabs from Arizona

Bloody Basin Agate slabs come from a remote location in central Arizona, northeast of Phoenix.  It is a plume agate and is sometimes also called Arizona Garden Agate.  Bloody Basin Plume Agate has great coloring with nice plume and moss patterns. It has become scarce on the market, but we unearthed a few pieces from our “archives” of the most prized agates and has been hard to find lately.

Bloody Basin Agate can be slightly vuggy, its beautiful color and pattern make this mostly a non-issue. As with all of the other species in the quartz family, agate takes a high polish with cerium oxide, but also takes a fine polish with tin oxide and diamond. Mohs hardness 6.5 to 7.

Ruler is in INCHES.

bloody basin agate cabochonExample of a Bloody Basin Agate Cabochon.
Note: Not cut from material below.

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