Kingstonite Native Copper Slabs from Michigan

Kingstonite Native Copper in Rhyolite slabs from the Kingston Mine of the Upper Pensinsula of Michigan has areas of native copper in a brick red to pinkish-orange matrix. It cuts fabulous stones. Kingstonite usually has some fracturing and can have pits, but stones cut from this material have great color with lots of fabulous bling and garner high prices.

The #1 Quality material tends to have less fracturing and more native copper than the #2 material. However, the #2 material will still cut fabulous stones with lots of bling and will probably give you a better return on your money when cutting and selling stones.

Kingstonite cuts relatively easily and polishes with diamond or tin oxide. A quick final polish with jeweler’s rouge or Zam (green rouge) polishes up the copper to a high sheen! Mohs hardness appoximately 4 to 5.

Ruler is in INCHES.

Kingstonite Cabochon
Finished stone of Kingstonite.

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