Ruby in Fuchsite Slabs from India

Ruby in Fuchsite slabs from India.  This is a wonderful and somewhat rare material. Our Ruby in Fuchsite is the best quality with ample amounts of ruby dispersed throughout the fuchsite base.

The two components in this material do not share the same hardness.  The ruby is approximately 9, and fuschite is only 2.5, on the Mohs scale.  If it is handled gently and slowly, it will cut a stunning stone.

The green fuchsite, also known as chrome mica, is a chromium-rich variety of the mineral muscovite.  It belongs to the mica group of phyllosilicate minerals, and sometimes contains mica sparkles.  The red crystals are ruby, and often display chatoyoance.  Blue kyanite is also commonly found in the mix.

Ruby in Fuchsite is best polished with diamond.  If it doesn’t seem to provide a good enough polish, a very quick buff with green rouge (Zam) should do the trick.

Ruler is in INCHES.

Ruby in Fuchsite Cabochons
Example of Ruby in Fuchsite Cabochons

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