Marra Mamba Tiger Eye Slabs from Australia

Marra Mamba tiger eye slabs from Australia.  This material was mined out in the 1970’s. It is the most sought-after form of this type of material, because of its mix of highly chatoyant tiger eye, (which can be golden, bluish, greenish or reddish), hematite and jasper.  Finished stones are very popular.  These slabs were cut many years ago and were recently brought out of our “archives”.

Tiger Eye has long been considered a quartz replacement of asbestos, otherwise known as a pseudomorph.  (The asbestos is gone so it’s harmless to cut!) Later research into the origins of tiger eye shows it is actually not a pseudomorph.

The fibrous structure of tiger eye creates chatoyance and also gives it a definite grain structure.  Bear this in mind, as you should be careful that it doesn’t tear out when grinding and polishing.

It will take a nice polish with cerium oxide, tin oxide, or diamond.  (We like to use diamond, ourselves.)

Ruler is in INCHES.

Cab1392 - marra mamba
Example of a Marra Mamba Cabochon

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