Purple Yttrium (Lavender Fluorite)

Yttrium Fluorite

We offer slabs and cabbing/carving rough of purple Yttrium (Lavender Fluorite) on our website, so here’s a page with a little more information about this rare and unique material.

Yttrofluorite slab

Yttrium Fluorite is also called Yttrofluorite or Lavender Fluorite. It is the uncommon result of two minerals,Yttrium and Fluorite, blending together. Unlike ordinary Fluorite stones, about 20% of its structure (of calcium ions) has been replaced by the mineral Yttrium. This creates a soft, creamy, lavender color. On the Mohs scale, it is also pretty soft. Light-purple and violet are it’s most frequently found hue, but it can also form in a reddish-brown or gray. There are some Lavender Yttrium stones out there that are even opaque to translucent.

Yttrium is on the periodic table of elements as Y, atomic number 39. It is one of the 17 known Rare Earth Metals. It looks very similar to Silver, and is a very soft material. It can be found in most of the rare earth minerals, but has never been discovered in the Earth’s crust as a freestanding element. Lunar rocks gathered during the Apollo moon missions contain yttrium. The human body also contains trace amounts of yttrium, usually concentrated in the liver, kidneys, and bones.

Formation and Location

Lavender Fluorite does not form like the more commonly-found fluorites, which develop in crystal and cube shapes. Instead, this rare material evolves into a more rounded form, both in masses and granular size. It’s has a Mohs hardness around 4. When cut into, it may at times rub off on the fingers, like chalk. So far as we know, it occurs only in one location of Mexico.

Yttrium Fluorite lacks the perfect cleavage of other Fluorite varieties. It also shows no reaction under ultraviolet light.

(As a side note, another known yttrium-containing crystal in the gem world is Xenotime. It is a rare-earth phosphate mineral, the major component of which is yttrium orthophosphate (YPO4). It usually occurs in shades of brown to brownish yellow (most common), reddish to greenish brown, gray, or translucent to opaque.)

Yttrium Cabochon

Purple Ytrrium cuts easy and takes a great polish!

The Metaphysics

Just by looking at Lavender Fluorite, one can probably see that it lends soft, gentle, yet powerful energy. It is one of pure wisdom, and grace. Like most purple stones and gems, it is associated with the crown and other higher chakras: the higher mind, our connection to Oneness, Your Inner Being, the Improved reality that’s already lined-up for you, and God (it’s all the same ;). It emits a very high vibration that holds deep calm, knowledge, and wisdom. This is a stone of “the bigger picture”, the all-encompassing, all-knowing. Use this stone to enhance the smoothness, ease and depth of your meditation (a mere 15-20 minutes a day will do!). Or to self-soothe in general. With prolonged partnership to this stone, you can discover a refreshing increase in the smoothness, ease, and depth of your everyday experiences and interactions with others. Doesn’t that sounds fun? YES. Hold this stone or gaze upon it, knowing ALL IS WELL. “You are exactly where you’re meant to be. What you want is coming to you. Practice feeling GOOD. Relax, enjoy your breathing, and know that everything is taken care of.”

Physically it is believed to aid bronchitis, emphysema and pneumonia. It is also said to help with coughs and colds, sinusitis, ulcers, wounds, arthritis and the bones.

Mentally it can provide a boost to our intellectual abilities, particularly the ones that are very complex. It helps to bring down the ideas of high-minded thinkers, like Einstein, philosophers, artists, authors, etc. It can bring things through in a way that allows for many other people to understand, perhaps, whether intellectually, or through the heart and feelings (intuition) . Yttrium Fluorite also lends a sense of calm and serenity. It is an excellent stress relieving stone.

Spiritually it works mainly on the upper chakras- heart, higher heart, third eye, crown and soul star. It is a high vibration stone that helps with our spiritual growth. It is ideal for strengthening one’s clairvoyance and psychic visions. And a great aid to psychics, mediums, and those who channel. It helps organize things in our our mind better so we may really comprehend and understand such connections (thus, making them more “normal”. >wink<)

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  1. I was wondering if anyone has seen seen fake yttrium fluorite on the market? I have a tumble that is half clear and half purple, and the clear part has some itty bitty bubble like structures in it.

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