Shungite – The Stone of Life


Ways to use Shungite

Shungite is so versatile! Because of it’s effect on both the human energy field AND that of appliances, machines, electronics, etc, this stone may be used either on or inside the body (as water or oil), or directly upon an object of radiation. Here we will explore the variety of items we offer on our website, along with how to best utilize them.

To start, it is recommended to simply hold a stone in your hands for a couple minutes. (You may like to close your eyes and follow your breathing, allowing it to slow and deepen.) Within this short period of time, the root chakra will expand and vital energy will begin to flow more strongly through you. It is fine and dandy if you do not notice any physical sensations for a while, as everybody has a different degree of sensitivity to subtle energies. Be assured that if you do not seem to feel any different, it is still having a positive effect on your being. Repeated use of this simple act will gradually open your awareness and ability to feel changes and shifts. Definitely grab this stone if you are in need of GROUNDING, to feel more centered, or to bring yourself ‘back into your body’ and feel more comfortable on this physical plane.

Reach for a piece of Shungite stone to soothe bumps, burns, cuts, bruises, etc. Apply it directly to the area. It shows to speed up the reaction process in the tissues, brings down inflammation, etc. Even 10 minutes could be enough to bring about a desirable effect.

Shungite and Water

A publication in 2013 by the International Journal of Advanced Scientific and Technical Research states “antioxidant properties of shungite in relation to organochlorine compounds, and free radicals have shown that it removes free radicals out of water in 30 times more effective than activated carbon. This is a very important factor, because the free radicals formed during water treatment with chlorine and its derivatives have a negative impact on the human health…

Adding Shungite to water enriches it with oxygen, calcium, magnesium and other essential mineral components. It also shows the ability to kill pathogenic bacteria, remove pesticides and pharmaceuticals, and absorb both organic and inorganic toxins, as well as heavy metals.

A more recent publication came out two years ago from the European Journal of Medicine. Here’s a handful of things reported from researching Shungite’s effect on water:

  • adsorption activity of shungite against pathogenic microflora, shungite has strong bactericidal properties that allow carrying out the efficient disinfection of drinking water by this mineral in water treatment and water purification technologies
  • It is observed the bactericidal activity of shungite against pathogenic saprophytes and Protozoa. There is evidence that after the passage of water containing bacterium E. coli, through shungite filter there is an almost complete removal of this bacterium…
  • Our study shows anti inflammatory effect of shungite. There is permanent antioxidant activity of shungite on enzymes…
  • Inhibition of development of tumor cells is influenced from anti inflammatory effects
  • …there were discovered other new valuable properties of shungite –adsorptional, bactericidal, catalytic, reduction-oxidation properties, as well as the ability of shungite minerals to screen off electromagnetic and radio radiations.

There is a study mentioned in Regina’s book about an experiment done at the Ukrainian Academy of Medical Sciences involving volunteer cancer patients. There were two groups of people, all of them having undergone radiation therapy. One group drank Shungite water and the other did not. The doctors found that blood levels in the first group all returned to normal after two weeks. For the other group, it took three to four months.

SO MANY MORE scientific publications and stories are out there- in books and journals, on the web, in blogs, especially about the use of Shungite in water, both for personal and industrial use. It appears indisputable that it certainly has a positive effect both on water and other living things.

Making Shungite Water

Silver Shungite Rough
Elite Shungite is safe to use for water purification

The directions for making activated Shungite water is one of the most contradicting topics I have ever researched. Here is an average consensus in a nut shell:

Use Elite grade. It contains the highest amount of carbon, and the least amount of other material such as heavy metals, which could leach into your water. Elite also contains a higher concentration of fullerenes than the other grades. (More bang for your buck!)

USE approximately 100 grams of Shungite per 1 liter of water. (1 liter is the size of an average, disposable water bottle.)

WASH your ancient nuggets by rubbing them with your fingers or use a brush, to remove any fine black powder.

PLACE THEM into a glass or ceramic container and let sit for a minimum of 24 hours and maximum of 3 days.

Your water may now be used for:

  • Drinking (See more below)
  • In a compress- for muscle, joint, or skin concerns
  • As a mouth wash, gargle, or when brushing teeth
  • Overall hygiene- washing and cleansing the body
  • In a humidifier or ultrasonic inhaler/diffusor
  • In a spray bottle to mist your face, hair, plants
  • To water plants and gardens, or in a vase with cut flowers
  • Share it with your pets. As a fun experiment, offer your pet both types of water at the same time and watch which one they choose!

DRINK UP and DRINK IT FRESH. For folks in good health, one glass in the morning may energize you and be enough for enjoying it’s other multitude of effects throughout the day. Do this for 3 weeks then take a week-long break. If you are ill, drink 2-3 glasses a day. Consume the water within several hours of removing the Shungite. From what I gathered, most concretely from the IPAC website, the water will lose it’s charge after a day or less. “There is no structure-forming element that is able to preserve ordered water clusters for a long time. Such water soon takes on the properties of regular water.” Shungite water has no secondary effects. Although as with any energizing drink, consuming it in large quantities is not recommended. It is not necessary to chug a whole gallon every day.) Just pay attention to your impulses or ideas about quantity, and take a break once in a while. BON APPETITE!

If you don’t want to DIY in this way, you may prefer our double-walled Shungite glass instead.

Shungite baths

You can also place stones in your bath water to help reduce fatigue, improve circulation, and just feel better from head to toe. Add around 500 grams (about 1 pound) to very hot bath water and let the stones sit in there for about 10 minutes. Climb in and soak yourself for 20 minutes or longer.

How to care for your water stones

Shungite is low-to-no maintenance. It keeps indefinitely, and it takes on NO negative charge (unlike most other crystals). Because of their strong right-turning torsion fields, there is no risk of them absorbing negative energies! Although to keep your water preparations physically clean and stave off the accumulation of nitrates, chlorine, etc. on the outside of your pieces, you may want to place them out in the sunshine every 4-6 months and give them a good little scrubbing. If your water is heavily chlorinated or polluted, the book recommends obtaining new ones every 2-3 years.

Working with Shapes: Pyramids, Spheres, Cubes, Eggs

shungite shapes

PYRAMIDS emit a strong, bold vibration. By drawing energy in through the top, it will radiate and spread Shungite’s energy outward, and quite far, compared to the other shapes. According to Regina (author of the book pictured above), IN A ROOM WITH NO EMFs flying around, a Shungite pyramid with 2.8 inch high sides emanates almost to 10 feet from it’s base, and 11 feet from each of its edges. These are great for placing in a work area or office with (multiple) electronic devices sitting around. They may also work well in a kitchen or living room. Because Pyramid’s energy is so strong, they are not recommended for the bedroom, as they may disrupt sleep and deep rest.

SPHERES emit the most uniform and harmonious energy of all the shapes. They encourage relaxation and peacefulness. This makes it ideal for bedrooms and living rooms. For hyperactive and other children, they can be especially helpful when placed in their bedroom, but away from their bed. Sphere’s roundness causes it to radiate more streamline and symmetrical, emanating equally in all directions. Their harmonizing power is so strong and steady because this form is the same shape as the vital field that surrounds our body. The roundness helps one to feel more whole, united, and balanced. Wherever you choose to place one, they can make your environment feel more relaxed and enjoyable to be in. They are lovely for holding during meditation. Or pair one with another type of stone to use as harmonizers (more about Harmonizers below). In a neutral space, a Shungite sphere with a 2.4 inch diameter emanates up to 11 feet.

CUBES are in resonance with the Earth and our first chakra, so this shape powerfully reinforces Shungite’s organic effect of rootedness. Cubes can help you feel better in your physical body, or with your invaluable presence on this Earth plane in general. Both Cubes and Shungite relate to our most primal concerns and feelings, like survival, instinct, and safety. Keep this shape around if you need help raising your vibration (your thoughts) out of worries and into calm. Well-being flows to you, and cubes can help you to realize this. It has a much lesser reaching power than the previous two shapes, even though it contains more shungite and may weigh more. When placed in a neutral room (with no EMFs), a cube with 2.4 inch sides emanates to 9.5 feet. Try placing one in each corner of a room, and they will connect to work together. Place one by a computer/laptop/monitor, or perhaps in the bathroom, where we tend to see ourselves in a mirror, which stimulates thoughts of our body and our physical world. Or set one at your feet during meditation.

EGGS work much like spheres in that they harmonize the space around them. Given their symbolic nature, they also enhance our feeling of connection to all of life. Eggs are neat because either end can be used for different therapeutic purposes. The bottom (more rounded end) can be used for massaging an area of the body, increasing blood and energy circulation. Or the top (smaller end) to stimulate specific points; meridian, pressure, reflexology, chakra, etc. An egg of 5.3 ounces can emanate up to 9.8 feet. Much like spheres, they work great in meditation, bringing calm to our entire being. Place one near your bed, on an alter, or into a bath for at least 10 minutes, then soak yourself for another 20.

CYLINDERS are usually used as pairs, but in different polarities of stone. In other words, a stone that works on higher frequencies is paired with a stone that affects lower frequencies, working off of each other to bring about balance. These are referred to as harmonizers. They may instill a greater awareness of the well-being that flows to you, and bring about increased physical vitality (health). In the picture below and to the right, we have our Harmonizer Set: the cylinder on the right is made of Shungite and the one in the hand is Tulikivi soapstone (Steatite). This particular pairing works together to harmonize the body’s balance of Yin and Yang. Since Shungite is all about the root chakra, grounding, and lower systems of our body, soapstone is commonly paired with it for its effects on the higher chakras and torso/upper body systems. When used together they have a restorative effect on one’s sense of well being and physical health.

Shungite Harmonizing Cylinder Set

HOW TO USE HARMONIZERS: in the beginning, take time for yourself to sit quietly for 5 minutes. Hold the soapstone cylinder in the right hand (Yang), and the Shungite stone in the left (Yin). Rest your hands wherever it is comfortable for you. With feet flat on the floor, close your eyes, breathe deeply, and relax. Do this for 3-5 minutes twice a day, and gradually work your time up to 20ish minutes, perhaps. Some people report feeling different things: energy moving in a “circuit” kind of motion, in the shape of an egg or sphere through their body, or tingling in a particular area of the, pain coming up and then leaving, warmth, new ideas, thoughts, lighter feelings, etc. Small doses in the beginning will do, then build up from there. Other shapes can be used as harmonizers, too! Such as hearts, palm stones, eggs and spheres. These pair beautifully with Selenite stone, which we also carry in hearts, palm stones, eggs, spheres. Simply hold in each hand a different (polarizing) stone/crystal, of pretty similar shape and size, to achieve desired effects.


When Shungite is worn as jewelry, it acts on our entire energetic body by transforming left torsion fields to turn right.

Jewelry will prevent your body from being bombarded by wave pollution (EMFs), which is a plus, but it can also provide more vital energy than you need. For people who feel quite healthy, maybe don’t wear a lot of different things at one time! At least in the beginning. One piece of accessory may be enough for some people to feel more grounded and attracting only right-torsion fields.

  • Necklaces affect the whole energetic body. Here at Copper Canyon Lapidary, we’ve met a woman who shared her surprising experience with wearing a necklace made of Shungite. After a couple weeks of wearing it for more ornamental reasons, she began to realize her chronic neck pain was not bothering her nearly as much. And with continued use saw it fade away even more. She appeared very happy about it!
  • Bracelets are brilliant because they cross over all the meridian lines (used in acupuncture). Recommended for folks who use their hands and wrists in repetitive, daily activities.
  • Earrings even if small in size, are useful in protecting the ear from cell phone, Bluetooth and other frequencies
  • Pendants that hang at the level of the heart brings this stone into contact with a very energy-receptive area on our body. May benefit children when worn in the daytime, to both connect middle energies and provide grounding (better calm, focus, etc.)
  • Beads – you can make your own jewelry! We have Shungite beads in a variety of different shapes, sizes and grades

How to distinguish Shungite from other crystals

At first blush, it’s not uncommon for people to mistake Shungite for Hematite, Galena, Onyx, or some other kind of stone. There are a few simple observations (and a couple more in-depth ones) that you can make to distinguish it from other crystals, or know that it is the real thing:

Black Shungite faceted wand with Inclusions of pyrite
  • Does it have inclusions? Silver/Elite grade Shungite looks completely silver all around it. However, we never see Petrovsky or black as solid black. These grades almost always have visible veins or noticeable deposits of other material such as pyrite or quartz. Look closely at your items!
  • The sheen: Black grade rough is very black with a matte appearance. It usually rubs off, leaving a fine powder on skin and surfaces, even if polished. When it is shaped and polished, it does take on a slight shine, which also reveals inclusions. Petrovsky rough appears a bit more gray than Black grade, and may have a soft silver sheen. It might also leave a black powder stuck to your skin. When it is polished, it shines more brilliantly than Black grade. (Note that the shine wears off over time.) Silver rough is usually sold as just that: elite ROUGH. It is not usually shaped into anything because it fractures and breaks apart. It commonly cleaves off to reveal flow lines, or concentric rings in interesting patterns. It is also not unusual to find a bit of rust on these pieces. It will not harm you or any water you treat with Shungite. However you can clean them off using a needle or a brush hold under running water to rinse the bits away.
  • Genuine Shungite conducts electricity! This is not a typical feature of stones and crystals! You could use a digital multimeter to test it, or gather together a small light bulb, battery, and a couple of wires: Touch each wire to the Shungite, with the end of one wire connected to the battery, and touch the end of the other wire to the light bulb. If it is true Shungite, the bulb will light up.
  • It blocks EMFs, so using a Multi-Field EMF meter can help determine if it is actually neutralizing the energy being emitted from an electronic device. (This works on the body too, but devices are stronger and more noticeable, for testing purposes.)
  • Small to medium size shungite objects are very light in weight. It is mostly carbon! And much like coal, it is extremely light. Bear this in mind when handling it. (Large items are different- they can weigh a lot.)

Shungite in Lapidary

As far as cutting or carving the stuff, Black and Petrovsky grades are the ones to work with. They have Mohs hardness of 3.5 to 4. Where as Elite… just fractures and falls apart. Because Shungite has a high carbon content, it cuts very dirty, and easily. It takes a moderate polish with tin oxide that will dull with wear and handling. The Shungite “rough” we offer is actually tumbled and polished, but large enough to go into a saw- it’s messy! But works great for cutting, cabbing and carving.

Meet Skyline Minerals

Along with several other gemstones such as Charoite and Seraphinite, all of our quality Shungite items come directly from another family run business called Skyline Minerals, in Russia. You can find them set up at Denver’s annual show in September, and again at the Tucson show in Winter (both JOGS and Pueblo Gem & Mineral). After the 2020 Tucson show, they came up to Sedona for a short stay, and we got to take them out on a beautiful hike through the red rocks. It was a very memorable time together! And we appreciate being their partners in distributing quality Shungite across the world.

About Skyline Minerals: “Our company has been working with Russian semiprecious stones for more than 15 years. It all started rather like a hobby, but then it grew up to become our main business… These years of experience help us a lot to work with our stones, because Russian stones are not easy to process. We spend a lot of time searching for new sources of rough, because our main purpose is to offer really best grade material to our customers.

After the 2020 Tucson show, Angela and Joel had the pleasure of bringing Vadim, Oxana, and her husband Andrei (pictured right) on a beautiful hike into a secret nook of the red rocks here in Sedona, Arizona (where our shop is located). It was SUCH a memorable time together! And we very much appreciate being their partners in distributing quality Shungite across the world.

What if Shungite doesn’t help you feel better?

Sometimes a person uses Shungite for the purpose of enhancing their well-being and feeling better, but after repeated use, they do not notice any strong “effects”. First of all, that’s okay. Secondly, you’re not alone!

Every person emits their own energy… a mixture of all their beliefs, expectations, desires, and habits of feeling. If Shungite doesn’t seem to do much for you health-wise, it just means you’re vibrating on the frequency of something else that might help. It may not even be something external to you right now. Perhaps quieting the mind daily for even a short period of time, will reveal to you the desired outcome. Practicing a vibration of non-resistant thought is KEY to allowing things to shift and manifest, in the most efficient and satisfying ways! You may even come back to Shungite another time and have a very different experience- that is because your vibration is different.

Either way, you do not need Shungite to be okay or feel better. It is neat stuff, but not always helpful to everyone. Just keep following your hunches and you will eventually be lead to what you’ve been asking for. All is well! CHEERS

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