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What we offer

Copper Canyon is an online source for rock cutters, rock hounds, crystal lovers, speciman collectors, and wholesale buyers.  We are also a cutting shop.  In the Fall and Spring seasons, we set up a booth filled with polished items and mineral/fossil specimens at the Oak Creek Arts and Crafts Shows.

On this website we offer cabbing rough, faceting rough, slabs, cutting equipment and lapidary supplies

If you’re looking for unique gifts, jewelry or additions to your personal crystal collection, we now offer most of our show items on here as well, such as Madagascar sculptures, Spirit Quartz, Selenite, Rose Quartz, Garnets, Fairy stones, Pyrite cubes… geodes, fossils, books, meteorite… and more!

We have a direct partnership with Skyline Minerals from Russia and offer 3 different grades of quality Shungite, one of them as rough, and the others as polished shapes and jewelry, along with gorgeous Seraphinite and Charoite items. 

We are passionate about rocks and the people that love and work with them.  We are happy to be of service to you!  Feel free to call or email us with any questions.  We look forward to meeting some of you in person if you ever find yourself in beautiful Sedona, AZ

*We are in the beginning stages of building the inventory available on this website.  We have thousands of items yet to add and show you!  We are adding new things daily.  If there’s something specific you’d like to see and shop on here, let us know!  And we’ll do our best to get it up:  email at rk4@colorwright.com or call (928) 862-4120



Rob Kulakofsky (on the right) started the ColorWright.com business in 1996.  For 23 years he sold rock material, equipment, and books to stone/gem cutters.  (He’s got a passion for faceting rough, himself.)  In November of 2018, he decided to retire!  And passed the torch onto a couple of enthusiastic colleagues who’ve been running their own small business, called Copper Canyon Lapidary.

Copper Canyon Lapidary has been providing wholesale services and select products to the public, with specialization in Southwestern Inspired jewelry and minerals.

Mike Beck and his wife, Courteney(on the left) took over ColorWright.com, moved it from Tucson to Sedona, and are in the process of integrating the businesses together! 

Joel maintains our websites and is usually the one taking your orders, AKA answering the phone and emails.  His wife Angela handles the photography of our inventory along with social media posts and our monthly newsletter.

Mike runs our cutting shop.  His passion is sculptures, however, he has cabochon customers coming out of his ears.  Courtenay rocks our booth at the seasonal art show.  She also helps Joel out in the office and answers the phone.

It is a pleasure to serve you and share in the passion of all things rocks!