Cabbing Services

We cut all kinds of rocks and we specialize in working with softer materials such Azurite and Malachite, Chrysocolla and several others.  If we feel there is a need to apply fracture sealer to your stone before cutting, we will do so at no extra charge.  This is a preventative measure that may be required to keep the item in tact.

Prices listed are for each cabochon created:

  • $14.00 for a Buff Polish Cabochon made of materials similar to Azurite/Malachite/Turquoise
  •       +$0.50 additional fee for buff polished cabochons that require an extra 100 grit step
  • $15.00 for a Cabochon made of materials with similar properties to Chysocolla, Cobalto Calcite, and Rhodochrosite
  • $16.00 for Diamond Polish Cabochon consisting of harder materials such as jasper, agate, garnet, and tourmaline
      +$0.50 fee if required to add backing       +$0.50 fee for calibrated or specified shapes +$2.00 fee for cabochons over 40mm in size

Prices for Matched Earring Pairs:

  • The price of 2 Cabochons using the rates above plus an additional $0.50 for the pair
      ** These cabochons are butterflied to create mirror matching set.  Earring pairs made from banded materials are most striking.

By accepting our term of services you agree that we are not responsible for breakage or any unexpected developments resulting from those services. Full payment for services is due immediately upon start of work. Services are taxable. Service payments are non-refundable. Club/coupon discounts do not apply to services. Items left longer than 30 days after we notify you of completion may be donated to charity.