We take pride in our customer service and product quality:

I’ve received the jade piece. It’s a beautiful slab. It is a bit darker that the one I needed to replace but I don’t think it will be an issue with the recipient. I really appreciate getting exactly what I ordered and not have issues with some random slab/cab out of who knows how many other slab/cabs that I can’t specifically choose because they are sold from “a titled group” that other sites sell. Thank you very much. ~Renée in Wyoming~

OMG that Picasso stone is perfect! It cuts so easily & I can skip steps, tumbling pieces starting in 600 grit. Thank you for the high quality and awesome variety! ~Jeff in Bothell, Washington~

I looked at your site and really liked it! From a no-change dinosaur that’s a REAL compliment. I’ve seen a lot of companies change their websites and you don’t like it! This one has GREAT photography, and I really like the featured stones part! When you get new stones, you can quickly showcase them and get people’s attention!! Some lists you don’t see the new stuff ’til it’s gone and then you miss out. It’s important!! CHEERS ~Scott in Alberta Canada~

Thank you so much for the 1st order. The quality and processing time was awesome! ~Treasure in Houston TX~

I just wanted to send you a note to say I received my stones from you and they are just incredible. I always know that I can buy high quality stones from you and wanted to thank you! ~Andrea in Stevensville MT~

I am a new customer with you. I just received my package of 5 slab assortments. I took advantage of the buy 4 get 1 free offer you have. I am writing to say thank you for the wonderful material! I have bought slab assortments from auction sites (no names necessary here) and what I got from them was basically floor sweepings and scrap and end cuts that I was lucky to get a couple cabs from and of little value. I am disabled and in a wheel chair and I do this as a hobby to keep busy and have to tell you I was very pleasantly surprised and delighted as I opened box after box of your slab assortments. This is not scrap or end cuts. It is mostly all very usable and quality pieces. The boxes came protected and very well packaged and shipped very promptly which I appreciate. I am very pleased. As a business I am sure most of your feedback can be negative or people complaining about this or that and I figured you may want one saying thank you and job well done! You have made me a solid customer. I am very happy I found your site and your store. Please take a minute to pat yourselves on the back for me. Please feel free to use this letter to promote what you have done to make a customer happy. ~Richard in Oscoda MI~

My cabs arrived today and they are stunning! Thank you . Once I have worked my way through these I will definitely be back. ~Deb in Western Australia~

I got the slabs yesterday. They look fantastic. And excellent packing, by the way. Consider me a very happy customer. ~Matt in Houston TX~

Thanks again Rob and staff, for a great service. We have received both boxes and I’m sure all the members (Approx. 80) will appreciate the new wheels. No fuss, great co-operation, and a satisfying service and feel free to quote us. ~Dave at Caloundra Lapidary Club, Australia ~

Thanks again Rob and staff, for a great service. We have received both boxes and I’m sure all the members (Approx. 80) will appreciate the new wheels. No fuss, great co-operation, and a satisfying service and feel free to quote us. ~Dave at Caloundra Lapidary Club, Australia ~

Thanks folks for the slabs you safely sent me. They were so well packed up it was like unwrapping a mummy! They all look great so I might just get all worked up and order some more . Look out! ~Brian in New Zealand ~

I ordered some slabs a couple of weeks ago. They arrived in perfect condition. The slabs were not broken. They had been well packaged. They were exactly like the pictures you had displayed on your web page. Shipping charges were very fair to down right good. Thank you. I will be ordering from you again. ~Christine in Utah ~

Greetings All, I wanted to thank you for the quality cabochons I have purchased from your shop. All my orders were shipped quickly and were so nicely wrapped, too. I also appreciate your identification of the cabs on the plastic bags they arrive in. That saves me a few steps. Much appreciated! ~ Amy in Tennessee ~

“To the entire staff at Color Wright, Wow… it happened. I truly became a stone person. When I received my shipment of seraphinite, I cried. The pieces are incredibly beautiful, and I can’t wait to share them with my customers. I appreciate you working with me so closely. I am new to stones and the whole purchasing process. Your whole staff made me feel welcomed. Blessings to you and all you do. ~ Karen in NJ ~

“Just received my cabochons…soooooooo incredibly beautiful. I always know I can expect the best from you guys, perhaps you put some love and passion in your job, there is such a special energy oozing from the stones. And unsurprisingly, after I turn your cabochons into jewels, they don’t take too long before being sold. I know you probably don’t expect or need feedback but I cannot help myself! Warm thank you to Maribeth who packed my order! ~ Weena in Australia ~

“Just received our order! We are very pleased with the quality, speed in shipping/wrapping, and your customer service. We enjoy doing this as a hobby but also have brisk sales. J Weeee!!! Can’t wait to put these materials to the wheel !!! This is our first order from you folks, and I assure you it won’t be the last. Again, we are pleased with your materials, you will be hearing from us in the near future! ~ H & D. J. in NY ~

“Got your package today … all the cabs are just gorgeous! And thanks for the awesomely fast processing. 🙂 ~ D.C. in El Segundo, CA ~

“I got the cabochons yesterday. They’re beautiful! The pics on the website don’t do them justice! ~ L. K. in WI ~

“Just a quick thank you, I received my varigated tigereye and green goldstone today. Both look like you hand-picked them for yourself and the shipping was fast! This was the first rough stone that I’ve ordered from you, and will definitely order from you again. ~ Randy in Virginia Beach, VA ~

“I just received my order and am so pleased with all of the cabs I just had to let you know. Keep up the good work! ~ Donna in WI ~

“I have many beautiful cabs from ColorWright, and Maribeth Terry is a wonderful person to work with! …she has always been so friendly and helpful. Every once in awhile, I go through the entire list of cabochons 🙂 ~ S.G. in CO~

“As a professional sharpener I love having a friendly source for my diamond abrasives. Service and product are both second-to-none. Keep it up!!! ~ H.E.. in IL~