Horse Canyon Moss Agate Slabs from California

Horse Canyon Moss Agate cuts gorgeous stones. Some mossy areas with clear agate can be a bit vuggy, but we’ve found it doesn’t usually detract from the finished stone. If a perfect glass-like surface is desired, filling in the tiny pits with super glue or epoxy before prepolishing works wonders.

Agate is a form of microcrystalline quartz. It is usually formed in nodules and has transparent, or translucent portions. As with all of the other species in the quartz family, agate takes a high polish with cerium oxide. Mohs hardness is 7.

Ruler is in INCHES.

Cab2903 - Horse Canyon Moss Agate CabochonExample of a Horse Canyon Moss Agate Cabochon.
Note: Not cut from material below.

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