Copper Secondary Slabs

Copper Secondary slabs may contain azurite, malachite, gem silica, etc.

Copper is the element which causes various hues of green and blue in many minerals. Colorful secondary copper minerals are thus very popular, and nice specimens can be extremely expensive. Secondary (supergene) minerals form from weathering and oxidation of primary minerals… copper being a primary mineral. They precipitate from mineral-rich hot solutions deep under the Earths surface. When these primary sulfide minerals get close to the surface, they react with oxygen and form a huge range of supergene minerals.

*Please note* Most of this material will need to be treated for porosity! That being said, we also recommend the more-experienced cabbers purchase this, as it is crumbly and can be tricky to work with. If you would like, we will stabilize your pieces with Opticon free of charge. Please let us know during your time of purchase so we can fit this service into our schedule for you.


Copper Secondaries Cabochon

Example of Copper Secondaries Cabochon

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