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Colorful Chrysocolla

Assorted Chrysocolla Polished Pieces

What Kind of Mineral is Chrysocolla? Chrysocolla is a secondary hydrated copper phyllo-silicate mineral.  It’s chemical formula is CuSiO3·2H2O. Color and Appearance of Chrysocolla Chrysocolla color varies from a light sky blue to a rich blueish green.  It is often mistaken for turquoise due to its color. This stone can exhibit a wide range of …

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Shungite – The Stone of Life


Shungite is a very unusual, silver to black color “rock”. What’s inside is a molecular structure different than any other mineral we’ve found on Earth. It is composed mostly of carbon- key to Life as we know it. And we find it in only one small area out of this entire wondrous planet: Karelia, Russia. …

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